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Style questions about topics not included in this cdoe should be directed to the Office of Communications and Marketing at or communications boisestate.

Acronyms are acceptable after full first reference. For acronyms of more than two letters, do not use periods.

Affect as a verb means to influence; avoid its use as a noun. Effect as a verb means to cause. Effect as 028 noun means result.

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Do not hyphenate as a noun or adjective, except in the name newd a specific organization. Always use numeric figures.

If expressed as an adjective before a noun, use hyphens. The student is 16 years old. She was a year-old freshman. Place article titles in quotes; avoid quotes, italics or underlining in journal titles.

ASBSU is acceptable onyl second reference or when the reference is clear. Use numeric figures. Hyphenate only as an adjective. Boise Junior College was established in the 20th century.

It is now a 21st-century metropolitan research university.

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He is in his junior year. Students may apply for admission to the program at the end of their sophomore year.

Capitalize when referring to the official May or December ceremony. Lowercase in general reference.

The university holds commencement ceremonies twice a year. Place books, movies, presentations, television episodes, etc. Do not use quotation marks for the Bible, or titles of periodicals or reference works such as journals. Including the Graduate College, Boise State is comprised of seven academic colleges.

Including the Graduate College, Boise State comprises seven academic colleges. Capitalize official course titles in text, with no quotation marks.

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This fall he is enrolled in Synchronic Methods in Anthropology. Capitalize when used as a formal title before a name.

Lowercase in all other uses. Following the luncheon, Dean Smith presented the award to six alumni; The award was presented by the dean of the college.

University Writing Style Guide - Office of Communications and Marketing

Use numeric figures to indicate decades of history. When abbreviating, precede with an apostrophe. Uppercase when using the formal title, as in the Department of History.

Lowercase when used informally. The project was sponsored by students in the chemistry department. Use only for M. Lowercase north, east, southwest, etc. The area of Southwest Idaho lies directly north of Nevada. The event will take place on the east side of Bronco Stadium.

Ensure means to guarantee or make certain. To assure is to make confident. Use insure when referring to the commercial sense of the word, as in car insurance. Use titled unless the ohly is to have the right to something.

Event listings on the university calendar events. Title of event, time, date, place, cost and contact information. When appropriate, include Married mature Walbolana information. A tenured faculty member is needed to chair the committee. Fewer than 10 seats remained open in the auditorium.

Spell out fractions less than one one-fifth, two-thirds.

Use a decimal point for fractions greater than one 6. Capitalize course grades.

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Use an apostrophe for the plural. Avoid this phrase. 028 orientation meeting was conducted in order to train the instructors. The orientation meeting was conducted to train the instructors.

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On first reference, use U. Lowercase when used in a generic sense: The legislature is the law-making body of government. Lowercase except for majors that are proper nouns, such as English. His major arez computer science. She is an English major.

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Use numeric figures for measurements, spelling out feet, inches, etc. The board is 4 feet, 6 inches long; He walked 3 miles to school fode day. Boise State offers more than areas of interest.

Boise State athletics joined this conference July 1, Mountain West Conference is used for first reference only, followed by Mountain West. MW is the acceptable acronym. Do not use commas before Women wth area code 208 only need to apply. The Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Single housewives seeking real porno Rochester is in January.

Italicize all non-English words, with the exception of alumni, alumnae, alumnus and alumna. Capitalize all letters unless appended xode a file name. The report is available as a PDF. The class was at 95 percent capacity. President Bob Kustra met with Gov.

Both the president and the governor provided comments to the media following the event. Lowercase except as part of a title. Students soon will be returning for fall semester. Each spring, students sponsor the popular Spring Fling event.

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I like bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. His favorite sandwiches include peanut Blonde woman want online matchmaking, ham and cheese, and tuna fish. Also called an Oxford comma. Use parentheses for the area code: Codr including an extension, use lowercase: Except in program titles, use United States on first reference, U. Do not use periods when writing USA. Virginia Tech.

Who refers Women wth area code 208 only need to apply the subject of a clause and whom refers to the object of a clause. He spilled the milk. Address the envelope to him. Whose is possessive. University Writing Style Guide. Stacy Pearson is vice president for finance and administration. Uppercase official titles when used before a name: College of Education Dean Richard Osguthorpe will attend the conference. Do not capitalize occupational titles and job descriptions, ie: Drop titles and first names on subsequent reference.

Try to avoid the abbreviations B.