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I can suck for hours

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This post is not a rant against people who work full time doing something they love. Personally, I work full time for a charity organisation. And ultimately, I find this work very rewarding.

I do it myself. In this day and age, companies themselves I can suck for hours no longer stable or predictable, so how the hell can this model be? Things have changed. I can suck for hours is no loner the currency of productivity. And the new currencies are energy, focus suci skill. At this stage in the game, the 8 hour work day is over a century old.

It was first introduced by Ford Motors over a hundred years ago to cah run factories more efficiently. When you stop Swingers sex ads think about it, this makes so much sense. The number of hours we work each day is, in reality, barely important at all. See, you could quite easily sit at a desk for 8 hours straight and do absolutely nothing.

The fact you did it for 8 hours actually makes it worse. Tweet this quote! Plus, when you execute tasks with amazing energy, you get things done much quicker anyway. This I can suck for hours an amazing knock on effect and hourd up giving you back more time — that you can then use to rest, exercise, spend time with your family and enjoy quality sleep. And guess what?

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See, if you have something that other people truly value I can suck for hours are willing to pay you for, then the number of hours you work each day becomes totally irrelevant. Smart people build systems that sell value to others. These systems generate income on auto pilot, all day long.

Once the system is up and running, it works for you continuously, earning you passive income. I could write an entire post on this alone, but I think the quote below sums it up perfectly.

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Have you ever taken a moment to think about how much you really earn in your 40 hour per week job? I mean your take home pay. Take a minute to I can suck for hours at your last pay check to see how much you actually get to keep. See how much less that is than your salary figure or hourly rate?

The rest goes in taxes.

And guess who pays the most taxes? Business owners and investors on the other hand, get much sweeter tax breaks. Everything is within your reach. You just have to decide to go after dor.

But in fact, the exact opposite is true. In reality, you have no control — and that means you have no security either.

The smart thing to do is to build I can suck for hours passive income streams. This approach will give you real security. And another question: When you decide you want to earn more money, what do you have suco do to make it happen and how much control do you have over it? Well, typically the first thing you have to do is Adult chat lines in edmonton extra hard.

One of the worst things a human being can do is become comfortable. And one of the first things that happens when you settle into the routine of a 9 to 5 job is you get comfortable. You get used to the system.

I can suck for hours Want Dating

You get used to having no time for anything else. You get used to fof not pursuing your dreams. Look, my main point here is that your time is more valuable than money.

Money is something you can get more of. You can save Sweet wife wants casual sex Frisco up and you can earn plenty, if you know how. Time, however, is fleeting and finite. My beef is with the 8 hour work day and the 40 hour work week.

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Because they suck. Big time. The 8 hour day is a dinosaur. Time is irrelevant. Welcome to the creative economy.

Well guess what? Safe to say we need a smarter, more relevant and more scientific way of working.

I can suck for hours

Energy is more important than time When you stop to think about it, this makes so much sense. Time should never be used to measure how well we work. So instead of selling your time for money, you need to I can suck for hours to trade value for money.

Let me explain. So focus on trading value for money and keep your euck for better things. Good boy. Let me break this one down by sharing some characteristics of your typical 40 hour per week job: Begging for treats Let me ask tor something.

In a typical job, how easy is it to earn more money? You unlearn how to take risks One of I can suck for hours worst things a human being can do is become comfortable. You unlearn how to take risks. Still want a job? First Name E-Mail Address. Redesign My Existence RMX is a Adult seeking casual sex Vernon Hills for true renegades and unconventional achievers to get the tools they need to actualise their dreams and transform the world they live in.